PriceKata is your discount centre. You simply dial *483*585#, select a mall or supermarket of your choice – and start grabbing discounts!

Just like that.

We use USSD code *483*585#, meaning you do not require any internet connection to grab PriceKata discounts.

Simple process:

  1. Dial the PriceKata code *483*585#
  2. Select the shopping area (mall, supermarket, street, etc.) or brand
  3. Select “View and Grab Your Discounts” to access the available discounts
  4. Alternatively, search for your favourite merchant by selecting “Locate Merchants/Shops”
  5. You will be presented with a variety of price-discounted products from different shops and the related discount vouchers, on-the-go
  7. Proceed to the shop offering the discount
  8. Shop your discounted products
  9. Present your discount voucher to redeem on check out!
  10. The shop attendant will ask for your phone number to verify your discount voucher. Discount delivered!

That’s it. Easy, stress-free discounts. Go for it! Dial the PriceKata code *483*585#