If you are a supplier of goods or services, this page is for you!

Suppliers include manufacturers, importers, aggregators, packers, bulk-breakers and wholesalers. Anyone supplying goods to retailers.

As a supplier you may want to introduce a new product, clear old stock or simply up your game by offering promotional items and discounts to increase sales.

Whatever your objective to give offers and discounts, PriceKata is a great real-time tracking tool to help you visualise how your promotion is getting on.


Register on PriceKata as a Supplier.

Register your merchants or ask them to register at These are the retailers who will interface with end customers of your products. They may also be marketing or merchandising agencies handling your promotions. They could also be supermarkets or retail outlets.

Generate Discounts vouchers for use by each of your merchants.

Publicise PriceKata discount code *483*585# to the marketplace and inform potential customers that your products are on offer via PriceKata *483*585#. When they dial this code, they will discover your discounts, grab them and redeem at your merchant's outlets. PriceKata increases your merchants' floor traffic!

When customers grab discounts and redeem them at any of the merchants' shops, you will see these trends real time via the web interface provided to you by PriceKata!

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