About PriceKata

PriceKata simply means "slashed price", derived from Kiswahili word kata, meaning "cut" or "slash".

Our mission is simple. Our process even simpler. "DRIVING SALES THOUGH DISCOUNTS AND BRAND AMBASSADORS."

If you are a buyer, select a Brand, Product Category or Supplier and search for discounts.

Grab the discount, indicate your location and make the required downpayment. If you are collecting, proceed to Supplier location to redeem your deals. If Supplier has promised delivery, wait for your products to arrive.

Redeem discounts and SAVE REAL CASH.

That's it.

*Terms Apply

If you are a supplier of goods or services, read this! Suppliers include manufacturers, importers, aggregators, packers, bulk-breakers and wholesalers. Anyone supplying goods to retailers.

As a supplier you may want to introduce a new product, clear old stock or simply up your game by offering promotional items and discounts to increase sales. Whatever your objective to give offers and discounts, PriceKata is a great real-time tracking tool to help you visualise how your promotion is getting on.

Contact us to have your products listed. No listing cost. You pay us commissions only after sales have been achieved. Pricekata is offering you a RISK FREE results-based relationship.